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Who Am I ?

Shiksha Sadbhawna Welfare Jamiya Safiya Lilbanat Samiti is a voluntary organization established in the year 2010-11 & registered under society registration act 21, 1860 & working in rural & urban areas of Kannauj district. The organization specially works on empowerment, lielihood, child protection, old age caring & health etc.

The president of the organization MOHD JUNAID is closely associated with various social organization for eight yeras during which he developed a deep insight into the issues & problems the people of women, backword areas & rural areas of the district. The SSWJSLS works at the grassroots level in villages/hamlets for social, cultural, economical, technological & environmental development of rural & urban slum communities of the region. It visualizes itself as an agency dedicated to enabling the marginalized rural & urban slum communitis comprising poor women, peasants, landless & unemployed youth to develop & improve the resource base in their own natural environment to acquire the necessary knowledge & skills which can be used to improve their quality of life.

Our values are what make us stand out

SSWJSLS has adopted the concept of community development in terms of organization, social mobilization. continuing education & rural development management based on local needs, resources, capacity, skills & cultural milieu.

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Why choose us?

The SSWJSLS broadly aims at facilitating socio-economic & personal status development of the people & contributing to alleviate their problems & suffering in thier environment habitat.

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Education for all is main object of the institution & girls are still behind boys, for making this gap less, the instituion has started school for girls namely JAMIYA SAFIYA LILBANAT at ahmadi tola, kannauj, it is recognized from U.P. board of madarsa education.
In this school girls are getting education of all subject by expert teachers. This school is up to 10th(secondary). In this year 370 girls get enrolled.
The institution had carried out reas & write skill programme for adults of urban slum of Kannauj district with help of the volunteers. This programme aimed at achieving self-reliance in literacy & numbering among urban slum adults & also imbibing the value of national integation, conservation of environment, women's equality & observance of the small family norms.
The insitution had also distributed necessary books free of cost to participate of this programme. The participants of these programme were benefited largely.
The institution has conducted a traning programme on prsonality development for rural & urban youths, In this traning programme the participants touths received traning of personality development & also got career guidance by expert consultants.
This camp was organized at the office. 130 youths benefited by this programme.
Water is the most vital element of human body & even a single drop of water is sufficient so save one's life. The wastage of water must be evolved at every state. The institution had organized to discuss the needs for use of clean drinking water& preservation of water. The institution has also prepared & circulated the matter on subject to create general awareness on the cattle's lives. This programme was organized in urban & rural area of Kannauj district.
The institute has organize sanitation campaign & awerness programme in Miyaganj & Sakari of Kannauj block of Kannauj.
In this programme volunteers of institution aware the people about sanitation & cleanness, also aware the people about importance of cleanness. People also got awareness about worst consequences of unhygienic environment. And also encourage people to use toilet.
The institution has establish computer traning centre for rural girls. In this centre they are taking knowledge of various computer courses.
This 84 girls took traning from this centre.
This year the institution conducted a competition of Hindi, Urdu & English speaking at district level.
This competition was only for girls, in this competition the participants girls made speech in Hindi, Urdu & English on given topic & judges gave marks on perfomance & winner got award from our guest & participants also received appreciation by the institution.