Jamiya Safiya Lilbanat

Shiksha Sadbhawana Welfare Jamiya Safiya Lilbanat Samati is a non-profit non-governmental organization, designed for minorities in general and Muslim women in particular. One of our most important goals is to pave the way for higher education for girls. The primary education ratio of Muslim women in India is 40% and by the time they reach higher education, it is 16% only. This report is for the middle class families. And from underprivileged families 19% children are enrolled in school. And the literacy rate for girls in this families is zero, that's our target. For which a non-resident school called Jamiya Safiya Lilbanat was started in July 2008 in the house of a man. The school is doing a good job to succeed in our aim under the supervision of expert teachers and staff. And the Jamiya is always stand for students whenever they need. And the Jamiya is place where Religious and modern education are given equal importance. We are not to be compromised for any side of them. So that our students can become experts in religious studies as well as modern education, because these girls are the first school of our new generation in the future, The syllabus of Dars Nizami has been selected for religious education while the syllabus of NCERT for modern education. About 500 girls from our school have completed their high school (Approved by Uttar Pradesh Government) and "Aalimah" the Religious education (inspected by Dr. Saeed-ur-Rehman, Superintendent of Darul Uloom Nadwat Ulema Lucknow, and Shaykh Abdul Haq Azmi, Shaykh al-Hadith Darul Uloom Deoband) They are now pursuing higher education, And currently about 200 students are enrolled in our school for whom this house is not enough, Jamiya has bought Approx 3000 sq ft land for the school building but construction work is stalled due to lack of budget which is estimated at Rs.9432000.00 Hopefully after seeing the situation in India, you will feel ready to take part in this good deed. Thank you.